free app of mine for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch* to take a closer look at prime numbers.

If there are questionssuggestionsproblemsapp crashes or you would like to contribute native translations into other languages (and get honorably mentioned in the app’s About page) just send me an email
Thank you!

* Functionality
iPod touch
Prime Check☒ 1)
Range Check☐    
Settings 2)☐    
Help 2)☐    
About… Info☐    
1) Primality only – no prime factors or prime position
2) Mac: In the app under „More…“ (not yet in menu on top of the screen)

Privacy Policy

No version of this app collects any user- or device-related data, and no such data gets transmitted.

The app does
     • determine whether the device has a 32 (no longer supported) or 64 bit processor so as to know the maximum number that can be handled
     • store selected application settings on the device so that those get preserved when the app gets closed and re-opened later.

If you have any questions or concerns please send me an email.
Any incoming email will be treated confidentially and not be published on this or any other website.