Agility is important – especially as we get older, as it helps keep many diseases in check.

Bicycling has always been part of my life, and now e-bikes add the extra fun of (almost) effortlessly going uphill at amazing speeds.
I played soccer for more than four decades (now only active as a stressed fan of Eintracht Frankfurt, since 1978), and for a good number of years I also ran quite a bit (including several marathons in the 90s in Frankfurt, Munich, and Vienna – always made it, but also always among the last to get to the goal line).
I also tried Tennis (would do it again), Badminton (hard to find practice opportunities), Golf (too frustrating), and Skiing (too much hassle, and also too high an injury risk).

But now I’m in my 50s, and obviously much wiser anyway 🙂

Now my daily (as far as I can keep it up) routine is a 45 min. home workout consisting of warmup, stretching and crunches, rowing and elliptical cross training (on very small and simple, yet effective machines), and a little bit of weight lifting.
On occasion we go for an extended walk around the neighborhood that includes uphills and stairs – but we don’t get it as often anymore as we want.

I hope to pick up yoga sometime in the not so distant future.

Now if only I could also manage to get my chocolate addiction under control… 😏