My home airport is Boeing Field (BFI) in Seattle, WA; I usually fly around somewhere in the Pacific NW in a Twin Star (for currency, recreational flights or Angel Flight missions), in Cessnas (mostly Skylanes) for Civil Air Patrol or to practice towards my flight instructor certificate.

This is a map of my flights in 2023:

Below is a map of all the airports I’ve flown to so far over the years; I’m updating it every now and then. Click/tap on the symbols of the airports you want to learn more about.

Home Airport
(KBFI | Class D)
Towered Airport
(US: Class D | B)
Untowered Airport
(US: Class E | G)

Coming back in N919ES from Gleneden Beach, OR with my buddy Christian, intercepting the ILS 14R at KBFI (Seattle – Boeing Field)